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Swimming Pool Construction and Pool Renovation Service


Pool Cover Installation

Features & Benefits

-White thread (triple stitching) cross tack & box tack at all perimeter stress points.

-Straps run on both top and bottom of the cover for added strength.

-Raised rub strip to prevent chafing on coping.

-Porous, tight mesh, giving the maximum of strength.

-Reinforced webbing top and bottom on every seam and around the perimeter.

-All covers are manufactured by the most modern of equipment including a computerized

  cutting and shaping system.

-All specials are drawn and verified by the most sophisticated of CAD(Computer Aided Design) systems.

-All Covers throughout every stage of production are quality checked and signed for before final packaging.

Mesh Covers-Green, Blue, Gray, Black or Tan

Solid Covers-Green, Blue, Grey, Tan

All hardware is prepackaged in individual poly bags. Each bag (or set) includes the brass plug, brass screw, spring buckle, and vinyl, sleeve.

 A Pool Safety Cover is a great investment for your pool. It provides comfort, security, and peace of mind when your not around. You can relax inside or away from your home knowing your family, friends and pets are safe . A Pool Safety Cover also adds excellent protection to your pool when it is not in use.  It keep all leafs, branches , and unwanted debris out of your pool while letting the excess water seep through. The Pool Safety Covers we install are made of the best type of material here in the U.S.A.. Our Pool Safety Covers material is made of porous high quality tightly woven or reinforced vinyl with reinforce webbing both top and bottom on every seam protected by rub strips. We offer the best Pool Cover Installation in Atlanta and metro surrounding counties.

BlocMesh 99

-Revolutionary super tight weave

-Specially design to block 99% of sunlight.

- Pourous mesh that allows water to drain through while keeping debris out

-Superior and proven performance


Call Now! 404-553-3495

Call Now! 404-553-3495

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-Combining light weight and strength

-50% lighter and 70% Stronger than conventional solid covers

-Constructed of tough non-pourous vinyl material

-Block Sunlight

-Fade and Stain Resistance

-Available with mesh drain panel or automatic pump

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2018 Winter Season Pool Safety Cover Special!